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01:30pm 26/04/2012
  Mass Effect 3 finished.

Was I the only one who kinda liked the ending? Sure, it didn't feel as fulfilling as the rest of the game, but that was kind of the point. The game was the ending. The ending was an epilogue.

Am I seriously the only person who think these story-heavy games can benefit from bittersweet endings? That an ending that ended up even more epic than the preceding story ends up getting a bit silly?

I mean yeah okay they could've Tengen Toppa-ended it but y'know what... I'm cool with this.
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02:56pm 11/02/2012
  Late to the party here, I know.

But is it worth selling a kidney to get a japanese PS3 just for this?

I believe it is.

Also why the fuck did it take them until NOW to realize that the only sensible VG-franchise for One Piece would be Dynasty Warriors? Because really.

Also would I play through the entire thing as Usopp if possible?

I believe I would.
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12:58pm 25/01/2012
  So I'm trying to make a republic trooper. Not really coming up with a male design I like. Switching over to female.

Is adressed by femshep.

So basically even though a trooper out of all the character classes is the role I would find least interesting and probably not play past level 5, I must now make the baddest motherfucker out there.

Because femshep.
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01:48pm 30/12/2011
  So okay I got christmas gifted SWTOR, and it is jawsome like punching babies.

I am currently sith on Ludo Kressh (EU).

Where would one possibly find a BFF?
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12:35pm 22/12/2011
  Cannot afford SWTOR for several months at the least.

I am being outplayed by my 59-year old aunt, who has it.

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11:46pm 14/12/2011
  Getting somewhat personal re anxiety, work, school and anxiety.Collapse )  
02:36am 10/09/2011
  Haha oh god you're getting Rick Perry.

Fo' realz.

Unless he's found sucking off a coked-up dude in a public restroom.
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09:56am 26/07/2011
  So, I've refrained from discussing the happenings of Norway, but I just need to say this:

Glenn Beck can die in a fire. I'm not even kidding. When the killer is let out of isolation and is rape-murdered by fellow inmates I shall not mourn him, and I honest to god wish Glenn Beck the same fate.

Other than that? Still an anti death penalty pacifist... just... y'know... I can look the other way. Except for Glenn Beck. Where I would get a front row seat.

A lot of thoughts going on re the stuff happening, but I've refrained from talking about it because the discussions always veer into the tasteless too quick for my liking. I will say this though: according to Europool, 0.35% of terrorist actions in Europe are carried out by people with islamist agendas. 90.2% are carried out by right wing extremists. The next fucking time I see another far-righter somehow try to pass the blame for what happened on the left, the muslims, the jews and claim that the right wing is impervious to assholes while the left wing are violent scumbags, I may prove them right and punch them in the face over the internet.

The man who committed this crime is clearly insane. He honestly believes he'll be lauded as a hero by many people, and that he will spark a revolution etc etc. As it turns out, EVERY group of people have these crazy-ass motherfuckers capable of carrying out such terrible deeds. If people could just have the decency to mourn or at least stay respectfully quiet during this time, rather than to try to push their own agendas of ANY kind I would be happy.

(But I am a bit hypocritical there because I'm more tolerant to agendas which are based on inclusive democratic principles, and less so to those based on hate and intolerance.)

My point?

Some asshole shot John Lennon. Some asshole shot Olof Palme. Why is it never Glenn Beck?

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Writer's Block: Let freedom ring   
12:42am 05/07/2011
How do you celebrate Independence Day in your country?

Oh god had to answer this one just because most well thought out question of the day EVAR.

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05:53pm 18/04/2011
  The things I do for love.  
02:09am 03/04/2011
  Also, for those on my friends list who aren't gamers (Ah ha ha no, no, I don't believe there are any), let me also give you some movie advice.

Every now and then you come across a trailer that makes it perfectly clear that this is a film that you need to see.

Every now and then, that film is also (almost) as good as the trailer.

I'm just SAYIN'

02:05am 03/04/2011
  Just finished Dragon Age 2.

And who'da thunk? Just as with the whole KotOR/KotOR2 thing where everyone was all like "The first one was great but the second one sucked", this was the exact same.

People. Are. WRONG.

Basically this sequel blew the first one (in itself a great game) away like whoa. I mean yeah maybe I'm the only person on the internets who prefer immersing character-driven stories full of moral dilemmas and such over grand epics any day... but yeah. I do not usually have to leave the room for 10 minutes just to think about what dialogue option to pick. I do not usually get emotional reactions on a level of The Red Wedding from a game.

But when I do? That's basically a sign that it's a stellar fucking game.

People complaining about re-used environments need to go play something about shooting monsters in the face. People who enjoy incredibly well-written stories with characters who have you swinging between bromance, wanting to kill them and finding yourself completely unable to even though you know it will basically brand your character a TERRIBLE PERSONS in the eyes of everyone forever? That's basically a well written game.

My point is the entire internets is whining about this game being inferior to the first. If all they wanted was giant dungeon crawls then sure, that was missing (thank gawd), but jesus all the awesome parts of the story of the first game (betrayal, politics, intrigue, etc) are still there, the crazy demonic shit is still there, if presented somewhat differently (I was going to say it was more subtle here, but really, crazy serial killing mages all over. It's only more subtle in the sense that the demons don't speak to you directly as much.), but yeah... the cookie-cutter fantasy bits? Gone. And good riddance! I've had enough of that stuff through a lifetime of reading fantasy books and playing fantasy games.

So yeah DA2 was incredibly jawsome A++ would (and will) play again!

Clearly I also need to play the Mass Effects.
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02:43pm 02/04/2011
  Oh god Colbert I love you so much. Fallon was fine, I guess, since it's his show and all. All else superfluous. (Come on I didn't even know who Taylor Hicks was.)

But basically except for Token Rap Guy Colbert could've aced that on his own, although I am in no way displeased with what we got.

Am I a fanboi? PERHAPS. But if I would gay-marry anyone, it would probably be Colbert.
08:31pm 15/03/2011
  So... anyone else got a sense of impending doom?

I mean I know logically earthquakes do happen but it's like... can't shake the feelin' shit is going down.
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10:21am 04/03/2011
  Okay also also I realize TDS is satirical and brings up like the worst examples of punditry.

But I still vomit a little bit when I see the same people defending the bailing out of bankers and the like who basically crashed the entire global economy, now attacking teachers for apparently draining the system.




I have the solution for you.

Cut the defense budget (you'll need to keep out of wars though, and I ain't saying that as some kind of moral high ground or sweden-based neutrality, just on a basis of cost efficiency), and raise taxes, particularly on the wealthy.

Just fucking man up and do it, you pussies. It will not turn you communist. Taxes go up, absurd military spending goes down, more money is left for the basic services of society.
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09:14am 04/03/2011

A Dance with Dragons release date.

A new, epix Game of Thrones trailer!

And apparently I have a girlfriend whose subconscious has internalized both MMO's and memes to the point where she dreamt she was doing Archaeology in WoW and dug up a canopic jar, inside which was another kind of jar, and upon discovering this, the disembodied head of Xzibit pops into the corner of the field of vision, all grinning. Srsly how internet-damaged must you be for that dream to happen?

This is gonna be a good day, I think.

A good day.
07:17pm 02/03/2011
  And here I thought low-level questing would be dull.

Did the following quest chain in Felwood:

[See the Invisible]
[Touch the Untouchable]
[Break the Unbreakable]
[Fight the Power]

Blizz I do no longer care how you nerf my class(es) and have no grasp on the whole notion of balance.

10:20pm 20/02/2011
  Okay so I'll admit it. I'm still watching One Piece.

And I've been strong.

Throughout that entire wossname prison arc I kept myself from making a post going OH MY GOD BON CLAY-SAMAAAAAA~~~~~ even though he is clearly the most righteous character in any anime ever. I mean even Kamina must bow to the Okama Way.

And I've kept myself from fangirling over all the shit that's been going down since which I shall not spoil but there have been some awesome moments. (Although I am uncool with how One Piece apparently thinks it's George RR Martin just killing a bunch of good characters. Oda, you are not Martin, you cannot pull this off.)

I've kept quiet.

But man I just gotta say.



It took us 488 episodes to see you in anything but flashbacks or random intermission stuff.

But dang man need more. (Also what the fuck no Yasopp yet? I mean I've been waiting this entire arc for Usopp to show up because honestly right now it's all a gargantuan war between ridiculously superpowered people, and I honestly think he's the only one who could end it, although good try Coby. Good try. You'll just never be quite as average as Usopp, and therefore never quite as awesome.)

Yes I am a faggot and yes I still watch One Piece.



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05:10pm 21/12/2010

Oh god the comment field is amazing. People talking about how vikings didn't have negro gods and all that.

News flash. Marvel Asgard has NOTHING to do with the norse mythology. Thor was a red head and Mjölner had a shaft that was too short (could only be held in one hand). Marvel got those two base features wrong from the start, and since, Marvel Asgardians have been confirmed to be pretty much aliens which the vikings of marvel-verse based their gods on.

And people going "bla bla Odinism doesn't accept race mixing" can just go such my massive viking dick. Seriously? Did you "Odinists" somehow MISS the vikings chilling in constantinople and basically stealing women wherever they happened to be? Halfdan fucking carved his name into the Hagia Sophia. People trying to reject multiculturalism should perhaps not blame it on the vikings, who were fucking travellers.

I mean I dunno the reasoning behind a black Heimdall, but lawd knows it's hardly the largest inconsistency with actual myth that Marvel have made so far. A negro sure as hell would stick out less in norse myth than Beta Ray Bill, and god bless Beta Ray Bill.

Jesus Harold Christ, racists trying to hijack my history and childhood stories for racist means. Another newsflash: Those connections were all made up in the 1800's by history revisionists driven by a political need to strengthen nationalism. 200 years is not the same as 1000+ years you historyless bigoted fuckfaces.

(I don't even LIKE Marvel's Thor. But racism is always uncool and trying to say "I'm not racist but the VIKINGS were, and Marvel's Asgard is totally a viking thing." just piss me the fuck off.)


(Also we've lived with a hell of a lot of non-jewish Jesuses and white Caesars and Alexanders and ETCETERA. I think a black Heimdall really ain't that big of a deal in comparison.)
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12:25pm 13/12/2010
  Essay more or less done. Four and a half hours before the deadline...

Everything went better than expecte-

Character count exceeded by over 1000 characters.

Oh. Guess I need to trim it a bit. *trim trim* *rewrite rewrite*

Character count exceeded by 2000 characters.


(Ah well still got enough time for trimming at least. Maybe I don't need to spend quite as much time berating the faculty for being dumbasses for either not understanding Bacon/Focault or intentionally dumbing them down so as to make their presence entirely unnecessary. Maybe I can just replace those bits with a frowny face.)
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